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Warm Air Fund


by John Sposato








Warm Air Fund

by John Sposato in Syracuse, United States

Trying to escape New Siberia!

Our Story

It's cold as ever in Upstate NY and I gotta get away for a while.  I want to live in Florida until springtime but I can't even afford to go out of town for the day.  I also may be getting a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder and a red lamp can only do so much.  Trying to win the lottery or at the casino is futile. I can't find work to save up for a getaway.  I entered a contest but that's also rare.  Winter is neverending and I've never been on a plane.  I would just like to have even a week away from the tundra just to feel warm again.  Even $1 would be appreciated if it all adds up in time. Hope to meet my goal before Spring comes.  If I ever do get rich I'll repay every dime.  Thank you for your time. (Photo: What I have to put up with!)

The Impact

Hopefully I could make the Warm Air Fund a registered charity to help get deserving people in colder climates to warmer ones for the winter.

What We Need & What You Get

I tried a couple competitors with this to no avail.  The ensuing costs for this holiday may vary but a million might work.

Other Ways To Help

I know this sounds crazy to put here in lack of a better word but if you could only save one person from Old Man Winter save me.  Maybe tell someone willing to invest in this appeal.

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